Wednesday, November 14, 2018

We all live with [in] Gravity. Everybody knows that. Gravity pulls on you. We all know that. It’s an unavoidable fact. Everyone knows that too. When you design any structure, it’s got to be plumb and square. Anyone who designs or constructs buildings knows that.

Yet, for all we know about the force of Gravity for almost everything, insofar as it relates to how our own bodies develop — how things stack up — we are mainly self-taught. Trial and error. Not much direct awareness or conscious engagement .

Rolf Structural Integration balances the body with the gravitational field of the earth. It is a peerless and definitive training for living unstressed, even, level, easily upright. Healthy, strong, good looking, effective.

Balancing the body with Gravity is a lifetime endeavor. It's really an integral part of the life curriculum. Rolf Structural Integration makes it active and consciously participatory.

Problem is that though we get bigger and stronger as we mature, we don't automatically develop structure — how things come to stack up and fit. That is learned. Add in a mix of unresolved accidents and traumas, bad habits, improper instruction, modelling ourselves after significant others who don't exhibit proper structure in their own make up ... we arrive at adulthood with a random mix of imbalances and compensations firmly anchored in our very flesh. Most live in default and below their potential for balance in their bodily stance. Most lived resigned to that's just the way it is.

Good News! Since the body is plastic and adaptive, with knowledgeable guidance we can very easily and gracefully live into the kind of balanced body arrangement which is our birthright. Which is correct and healthy based on Anatomical design and the dictates of Gravity and its Physics.

It's a choice. It does take some doing. Well worth it. Take the step.

If you've read this far and are saying to yourself that you don't need this, nothing's wrong ... please note well. Rolf Structural Integration is not for when something is wrong. It's for the average healthy person who wants to up their game in terms of productivity, enjoyment, athletics, or performing arts. When "something happens" that is for your choice of therapist to address the problematic symptom. Balancing the body may have many positive health effects toward relieving symptoms of chronic pain and stress. More, it's a stand alone goal the benefits of which you can imagine if you take a few moments and consider how bodily balance is a master key to unlocking full potential and creative expressiveness.