Friday, April 20, 2012

Reckoning with Gravity

“This force [gravity] which unites us to the earth is so much with us that we are of necessity unconscious of it. As a result we give a vague assent to the idea that gravity is important, that gravity is ubiquitous, that gravity tears a body down. But the critical evaluation of gravity as a supporting and uplifting force in the life of man has received little consideration. As a result many efforts have been made in developing systems of exercises, rhythms, dance and movement with the avowed goal of inducing co-ordination, but few systems have ever analyzed the related problem of gravity, or the role it plays in physical behavior. Body coordination has been thought to be many things. In point of fact, it is the evidence of how well the man is related to the earth. In this formulation it is the concept of relation that needs to be stressed. For man is an energy field, as the earth and its outward envelope of forces is an energy field. How well a man can exist and function depends on whether the field which is himself, his psychological and physical personality, is reinforced or disorganized by the field of gravity. Looked at from this angle gravity not only upholds a man, it feeds him.

“In the real and material world, this supporting energy can be supplied only if certain conditions are met. Gravity as a force acts as if it operated through a vertical, a straight line at right angles to the earth. Therefore, to profit from this flow, a man must be so organized that he operates as though he existed symmetrically around such a gravity line.”

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